Nord Klassik

What you expect to see?

North classic itinerary will take you on an incredible adventure, Where we will enjoy diving into one of the most famous wrecks in the world,
The SS Thistlegorm, the Greek cargo ship, Giannis D, the steamship, Carnatic, a steam and sail-powered vessel, "the SS Dunraven” wreck.

You will also enjoy another more than wonderful diving experience in Sharks and Yolanda reef, which is rated as one of the top ten dive sites, not just in the Red Sea but in the world.


  • The SS Thistelgorm was a British cargo steamship built in 1940.
  • In 1941 the SS Thistlegorm's last voyage before sinking was carrying military equipment during World War II. such as Morris cars, Bedford Trucks, motorcycles, spare tank and aircraft parts, grenades, guns, munitions, mines, artillery, and much more that made it one of the best diving sites in the Red Sea.
  • The SS Dunraven wreck is a British Steamer on the Southern edge of Sha’ab Mahmoud.
  • The Dunraven wreck sunk in 1876, in 30m of water right next to the reef wall and is completely upside down in two sections.
  • Divers flock to Yolanda reef to explore the remains of the Yolanda, an old Cypriot cargo ship that ran aground in 1980.
  • Shark and Yolanda reefs enjoy wonderful marine life, where the coral reefs are a colourful and great variety.


Von einem deutschen Flugzeug im Jahr 1941 bombardiert.Die Fracht beinhaltet Lastwägen, Motorräder, Eisenbahnlokomotiven, …Die Strömung hier kann sehr stark sein und die Sicht vemindertrt.

Abu Nuhas

The Reef at Abu Nuhas is famous for wrecks. There are 4 wrecks here, which are today an attraction point for divers all around the world. For example the Greek cargo ship “Giannis D.”, which ran aground the reef on 19 th March 1983 and sank a short time afterwards. It is now lying in a maximum depth of 27 m and is overgrown with hard- and softcorals. The ship cracked down in the middle. The better part of the two halves is the stern section. Here it is easy to dive inside the wreck, because there are a lot of entry and exit points. Because the wreck is leaning on a 45° angle you will find yourself swimming up a stairwell which your mind tells you are heading down. This effect is very disorientating.


  • Dive guides
  • 7 nights full-board accommodation (or the last night at a 4*hotel)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • 3-4 dives per day (2-3 last day)
  • Tanks, weights
  • Local transfers
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  • Rental Equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Visa
  • Crew Gratuities